Starting Soon

Hi, soccer parents! This is O’Shaughnessy Evans, representing MAYSL. I’m sure many of you are wondering when we’ll start the season, so I wanted to give you all a quick update.

We’re finishing up our coach signups right now. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to lead their kids’ teams. It means so much to have you out there. (And it’s a fun way to get to know your kids’ friends and peers. Nice move! :-) Before any coach can get their player list, the set-up process involves a bit of time for training and background checks required by the state and federal government, so if some of you haven’t heard from your coaches yet, that’s why.

We’re also waiting to get approval from the school districts to use their fields for practice. We’re hopeful we’ll get that over the long weekend or early next week.

Without those 2 things, we can’t start the season. We’ll have our first games on Sept 17, and you should all hear from your coaches about practice very soon.

Thanks for your patience, and thank you for getting your kids involved. This league brings a lot of fun and excitement to so many, and we appreciate all of you for being part of it.

Looking forward to seeing all of you out on the pitch soon.