MAYSL Frequently Asked Questions

When do you play?

Games are on Saturdays. The season is 9 games. It usually runs from the 2nd Saturday after Labor Day until the 1st week of November, and we skip the last weekend of Fall Break.

Practices are mid-week. Many of the U4-U6 teams only practice at the beginning of the season. U8 often practice one day a week, and U10+ typically practice 2 times a week. Each coach decides his or her team’s practice times and locations.

See Schedules for seasonal details.

Where do you play?

We have games at the lower field behind Yosemite High School, near the tennis courts and softball fields.

We practice at the fields of our area elementary and secondary schools in Ahwahnee, Oakhurst, North Fork, Spring Valley, and YLP.

See Game Fields for details.

What gear do I need?

Not much! Cleats (or athletic shoes), tall socks, shin guards, and shorts are the bare minimum.

See Parents/Equipment for more info.

What if my kids can’t make all the games?

We’d still love to have your kids playing. Just let your coaches know ahead of time so they can plan for the games you’ll miss.

Are there team pictures?

The league provides team photos as part of the registration fee. They’re typically taken in the 2nd half of the season, after the October break, and it always happens on a game day at the YHS game field. Keep an eye on the News page for an announcement each season.

Can my child play after they get hurt?

If a player is injured and sees a doctor during the season (whether it happens during soccer or outside of the league), they can’t return to play until they’re cleared by a doctor to return. This includes participating in practice or games.

We want our players to play as much as possible and cheer on their teammates, but part of learning to be a good athlete is taking good care of your body. We certainly encourage injured players to join their teams on the sidelines until they can get back to it. You can help your coaches guide your kids by bringing them a note from the doctor, detailing what activities are allowed and what aren’t.